Distro Inventory

This was our distro inventory back in 2014/15, when “we” (maybe 3 people from back then are still involved in Filler) were getting detained for tabling by the Pitt police like at least once a week. Like shit dude I was almost expelled for handing out anti-fascist flyers.

EAT SHIT PITT. Fucking waste of time and money.

Anyways, below is the PDF archive of our favorite zines to table with back when we were “student organizers” or whatever.

Student Movement Zines

Check out Undercommoning and the International Student Movement Library for more.
Some of our favorite zines to table with on campus:

Blockade, Occupy, Strike Back (2012)
“A collection of tactical knowledge for students and others.”

This zine is a practical how-to guide for anyone interested in organizing autonomous resistance to the neoliberal University. Published by Grève Montréal and Sabotage Media in Canada. Disclaimer: this text is for educational purposes only!

After the Crest #4 – Montréal (2013)
This is the final installment in CrimethInc.’s  “After the Crest” series exploring how to navigate the waning phase of social movements. It is a personal reflection on anarchist participation in the 2012 student strike in Montréal and the disruptions that accompanied it. The product of much collective discussion, this article explores the opportunities anarchists missed during the high point of the conflict by limiting themselves to the framework of the strike, and the risks they incurred by attempting to maintain it once it had entered a reformist endgame.

After the Fall: Communiqués from Occupied California (2009/10)
Collecting the major statements from the 2009/10 waves of university occupations, After the Fall is a love letter to the insurgent students and workers on California campuses and was used to build for the March 4 strike attempt.

Communiqué from an Absent Future (2009) [PSSC distro version]
Released in the wake of the financial crisis, Communiqué captures far more than the narrative of the radical student movement that sparked university occupations across the state of California. It speaks to that vague reticence we as students drag from the classroom to the library, the fleeting thoughts that we struggle to articulate: the absurdity of what is considered “normal” today. The feeling that something is wrong, but more importantly the feeling that something has to happen.

The Divorce of Thought from Deed (2009)
“A compilation of writings on social conflict, white supremacy, and the mythology of free speech at UNC.” 

This zine was written in the fall of 2009, partly in response to the administrative and liberal backlashes against the successes of YWC opponents, and partly as a broader critique of the “marketplace of ideas” concept. YWC, or Youth for Western Civilization, is a white supremacist student group. After a sustained and militant anti-racist campaign, the group was essentially driven off campus – despite the University’s best efforts to protect it for the sake of “free speech.”

Preoccupied: The Logic of Occupation (2009)
A January 2009 zine on student occupations in New York.

“Unalienated activity doesn’t “just happen” but neither is it so well planned. Only its conditions can be staged, and from then on, nothing is certain. But if one can achieve even that moment, that break-through, then nothing else matters.”

The New School Occupation (2009-10)
“Perspectives on the takeover of a building: or, why do student organizers bother to get out of bed in the morning?”

University Occupations (2009)
Lessons and analysis from university occupation movements in France 1968/2006, Greece 2006, and New York 2008-2009.

Pitt Inc. (2015)
A zine about the corporatization of higher education, written and compiled by students and faculty at the University of Pittsburgh in 2015. 

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