Communiqué from the Morgantown Ultra Left Network


Filler received this message from a newly formed crew of radical youth living just a few hours away in Morgantown, West Virginia (you know, WVU town). We’re looking forward to hearing more from them, and especially looking forward to throwing down together when shit gets real! Check out their tumblr HERE.

Just south of Pittsburgh, in the college town of Morgantown West Virginia, the Morgantown Ultra Left Network is being formed. We have lived and worked here for some time now and have made the decision to strike out on our own. While we have had successes, we collectively made the decision to break out after many bad experiences trying to work with authoritarian leftists. At the time, “left unity” was what brought us together. Quickly that fell apart and became just another shell for old school Marxist-Leninist party building and movement stealing.

This is a new chapter for us and the Appalachian region. As we fight the rising fascism in West Virginia, gentrification in all its major cities, over bearing local and state police forces, privatization of education, and the extractivist regime, we send out a call to all fellow travelers who want to be involved in liberating Appalachia and building a better world. Our Appalachia is not romanticized: we live on colonized land, racism and the erasure of Black Appalachians continues, transphobia and homophobia is institutionalized. We have much work to do, but it’s worth it. We hope this message finds you well!

-Morgantown Ultra Left Network (MULN)


It’s time for the big reveal!

There is no need to ask which is the toughest or most tolerable regime, for it’s within each of them that liberating and enslaving forces confront one another… There is no need to fear or hope, but only to look for new weapons. 

– Gilles Deleuze

This group was born from lessons learned. The big tent doesn’t seem to work so well, it falters under the strain of bad faith and bad tactics.

Instead of speaking to our truth, we are forced to build consensus. But consensus doesn’t work in these conditions. It just leads to concessions.

Capitalism has evolved beyond the need for orthodox Marxism.  Marx is a friend and a teacher to the left, but is not its master.  The Earth has changed since the 1860s, and the left will either evolve or become just another means of control for the subjugated “masses.”

The libertarian strains of socialism have offered a viable alternative to rigid Marxian dogma since the latter’s inception and continue to do so today.

Governments lie and cheat, steal and kill, just like capitalists and racists and authoritarians of all stripes.  If any dialectic can signify the totality of history, it must be based on authority and subjugation, but this only indicates how vacuous the terms become here.

We are derided as life-stylists and petit-bourgeois, and at the same time called reformists. The work we value is put down as idealist and childish. Our values of building socialist space, being honest, and horizontalism have been abused and co-opted for authoritarian aims.

It is not possible to work and live like this any longer.

We have to venture on a new path, independent of authoritarianism and inter-community subjugation. Let us develop something new together!

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  1. Duff says:

    Comrades! So glad to hear there’s a new anti-authoritarian group in Morgantown! I’m an anarchist who lived in Mgtn. for 35 years and in the late ’90s and early ’00s we had the Monongahela Anarchist Group. I have lots of radical history in my past in Mgtn. mostly off-campus. Hope to meet y’all when I get home to visit from NYC. -Duff


  2. Quez says:

    How do I get in touch with these chaps. Anarchist who recently relocated to Mo-town


    1. You can DM them on twitter (@MorgantownUltra) and tumblr (linked above) or contact the group of them that is organizing the End the Institution convergence at !


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