Prison Strike Action Report Back

Originally posted to It’s Going Down on 9/10/16

On Tuesday 9/6, kids with the autonomous student network chalked the University of Pittsburgh campus police station with messages of solidarity with the prison strikers and anti-police slogans.

On Wednesday 9/7, 12 or so people from Pittsburgh Anarchist Black Cross and the Pittsburgh Student Solidarity Coalition brought hot meals, coffee, and cigarettes to serve outside of the Allegheny County Jail. However, unlike the last time we did this, no one was released while we were there, and so we left the food in a public square frequented by houseless folks.


On Friday 9/9, a rowdy noise demo of around 50-60 people from a variety of community organizations and informal crews marched on the Allegheny County Jail. The crowd sounded twice as large as it looked, as participants brought instruments, pots and pans, songs, and words of solidarity and support. Hundreds of inmates could be seen flickering the lights in their cells, banging on windows, and raising their fists in the air.


After a number of participants lit road flares, a small group broke away from the main march and vandalized a memorial dedicated to dead prison guards, smashed out several windowpanes on the back side of the jail with rocks, and damaged at least one parking meter. Police surveillance was disrupted with well-placed banners and flags.

In a remarkable display of respect for a diversity of tactics, the crowd opted to stick together until dispersing at a safe location several blocks away from the nearest pigs. Militants and pacifists gave each other ample time and space to carry out their preferred modes of action, and there did not appear to be any infighting. We hope to continue building these relationships and expanding our capacity to take action across sectarian lines.

– 2 kids from the autonomous student network

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