Pittsburgh Squatters Love ANAL!

Originally posted to It’s Going Down, edited by Filler to include context. 

Early in the morning of February 6th, Pittsburgh squatters dropped a banner in solidarity with the anti-fascist, anti-capitalist squatters of the Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians (better known by their hilarious click-bait acronym, ANAL).

On January 25th, ANAL occupied a Russian billionaire’s £15 million mansion in one of the bougiest parts of London. The squatters converted the mansion into a multi-purpose community center, which operated as a homeless shelter and refugee-support space. The space also hosted public events, skill-shares, art galleries, and more. In their words, “If it would disgust the wealthy, you’re welcome here.”


Last Wednesday, after having spent the past few weeks working alongside marginalized communities to create an autonomous space and defend it from the occasional fascist attacks, the occupiers were violently evicted by the police. But later that afternoon, some of the squatters occupied another mansion just a few minutes down the road.

These comrades are proving to the world that we can create spaces outside of the capitalist system, spaces where we can build the autonomous communities that we want to see here and now!

Solidarity with ANAL, and solidarity with the anonymous Pittsburgh squatters!


Further reading on ANAL:

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