PITT: Radical Valentine’s Day Contest, with Prizes!

Some Filler for the autonomous kids.

Hey, Democrats, we need to talk… hmu later?


In the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing loss to Donald Trump — someone who had widely been regarded as the most un-electable candidate in the history of presidential politics — millions of liberals have stepped out of their yoga classes and re-emerged in our social movement spaces. And they brought their bad politics with them.

– Return of the Liberals : The Tactic Police Strike Back

The Pitt College Democrats are holding a “solidarity rally” on campus this Saturday at 2pm. The event, which will provide a platform for multiple politicians, was ostensibly organized in order to “show support and solidarity with marginalized groups in a peaceful rally.”

Frankly, we call bullshit.1
It’s Valentines Day, and the Pitt College Dems are still a little heartbroken after finding out that love doesn’t actually trump hate. In hopes of soliciting even the slightest interest in their failed neoliberal party, the PC Dems are now flirting with those Bernie-bros that they alienated mere months ago, probably dropping some shit pick-up line about the political realism of their “strategies” “against” Trump.

Struggling to maintain their relevance in the wake of the largest mobilization of our young lives, the PC Dems are now co-opting the (already opportunist) political aesthetic we typically associate with the alphabet soup of socialist and communist parties that hang around Pitt’s campus. Armed with some new slogans (occasionally substituting “resist” for “I’m with her”), a vague injunction to a moralistic do-somethingism (so long as there is no action plan that goes beyond talking to your politician of choice or asking politely for a march permit), and some sleek new fliers, the PC Dems are preparing an ambitious new campaign: BORE THE RESISTANCE TO DEATH.

At the end of the day, the Democrats still uphold the system we oppose, a system that is built on the violence of white supremacy, heteronormative patriarchy, imperialism, capitalism, and the myriad other hierarchies that dominate life here in the heart of the Empire.

But these are all things that anarchists have been saying for years. This bit of Filler is a call to inject some tension back into the political discourse on campus. Is it time for Reform, or Revolution?

In that spirit, Filler is excited to announce our very first public contest, a breakup story decades in the making, your new favorite Valentine’s Day rom-commie special… 

Breaking Up with the Democrats!

Crew-up, or go it alone! The individual, affinity group, or organization that pulls off the most creative, intersectional, funny, or disruptive intervention at the PC Dems’ rally this Saturday will receive their very own bag of goodies and a personalized Valentine’s Day card. All participants will get a love note, but only one direct action will get the goodies! If your crew wins the grand prize, so far you’re looking at some rare zines, free stick-and-poke tattoos, antifa stickers, gift cards, free meals, and more TBA!

Contest Guidelines:

1) Avoid taking actions that put bystanders at risk of police violence.
Obviously, there is no guarantee that any direct action won’t piss off the pigs, but keep in mind that this contest’s goal is to generalize conflictuality and subvert the Democrats’ attempts to pacify the movement – not to kick off the insurrection in a crowd full of liberal snitches and hostile media, let alone families with children or people who already experience a greater risk of violence in this system of (hetero-normative patriarchy, white supremacy, imperialism, capitalism, or any of the myriad other hierarchies that dominate life here in the heart of the Empire).

2) Seek accomplices, not allies.
Be conscious of the way liberals weaponize identity politics in order to pacify and exploit marginalized communities. Don’t let some “respectable,” self-appointed community leader silence you or speak on your behalf just because they share part of your identity and the oppression that comes with it I sure as hell didn’t vote for Milo to be LGBTQ Nation’s person of the year. Likewise, don’t let liberals get away with snitching on you or delegitimizing your action just because you’ve decided to use your privilege to take the kinds of risks that some of your comrades might not be able to take.

We know that fronting as an “ally” to an entire group of people is absurdly problematic, as it assumes that everyone within that community shares the same beliefs, interests, capabilities, needs. We know that when Democrats call for “privileged allies” to follow the instructions of “community leaders,” they are really trying to tell you to obey their tokenized mouthpieces. Instead, we urge you to listen to (and deepen your relationships with) your trusted friends and comrades who are fighting this system all the harder just because of who they are.

3) Pics or it didn’t happen!
Don’t forget to claim your action in some way! You could take (non-incriminating) photos or video footage, or you could send us a communiqué to show off some of that sexy prose and radical perspective you’ve been working on, or maybe even just hand out and/or throw fliers in the air that explain your action – whatever works, just make sure to do it!

We recommend using Tor and guerrilla mail together if you want to submit your contest entry anonymously. Send your submissions to FillerCollective@riseup.net! 


1) Don’t get us wrong, it’s great that more students want to get organized and stand in solidarity with one another. What’s bullshit is that the Democrats are suddenly acting like they’ve been anything but a leech on liberation movements in this country, and students hoping for change are getting sucked right back into the system.

Democrats are responsible for breaking a new record in migrant deportations under the Obama administration. Democrats deployed the National Guard to suppress liberation movements such as the Movement for Black Lives. Democrats passed legislation expanding the power of the surveillance state and the executive branch, creating the authoritarian structures now wielded by an egotistical proto-fascist. Democrats bomb civilians and children just like Republicans do. Democrats gentrify our cities and unironically praise the socially-conscious business ethics of Starbucks and Whole Foods. On campus, the PC Dems also have a strange habit of publicly defending the Pitt College Republicans and denouncing direct action.

Their complicity with the Obama administration should speak for itself, but over the last few months the Pitt College Democrats have been fronting as if they represent some sort of relevant opposition to the system. Some really cool folks are getting involved, but their good intentions are continually sabotaged by the reality of our situation: the Democrats are part of the problem.

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