Fascist Stickers Taken Down in Polish Hill — Torchlight PGH

Originally published by Torchlight, a Pittsburgh anarchist news project.

Dozens of fascist stickers were spotted in Polish Hill early Saturday, apparently put up Friday night. This action follows the appearance of fascist tattoo artist Lettia Suchevich in City Paper on Wednesday. Suchevich’s husband Warren Meikle is reportedly the lead singer of Aggravated Assault, whose stickers were among those found. All the stickers were removed in short order, but Polish Hill antifascists are advised to keep their eyes open for any new ones.

The images after the jump should serve as a guide to what to look for:


The Celtic Cross above a row of skulls is the symbol of Atlantic City Skins, a major skinhead gang on the east coast


This one’s a little obscure, but you can see the hammer and sickle being stomped by a boot.


 Anti-antifa is just fa…


Note the Celtic Cross on pupper’s tag…


Further reading:

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