PITTSBURGH: Know Your Local Nazis

Originally published by Torchlight – Anarchist News from Pittsburgh

This list does not include the local fascists that were outed HERE and HERE

Torchlight has received the following report from The Mildred Harnack Appreciation Society, an antifascist research group in Pittsburgh. We have edited the report for spelling and formatting, but it is otherwise unchanged.

NOTE: During the editing process we inadvertently left out Erin Lambert’s Myspace link, which has now been restored. Sorry about that…


Two weeks ago The Mildred Harnack Appreciation Society released a dossier on Lettia Suchevich, a neo-Nazi tattoo artist recently featured in City Paper. As lovely as it would be if Lettia was the only fascist in Pittsburgh, as with any vermin, for every one you see there are dozens more creeping in the darkness. As part of our ongoing effort to expose white supremacists in the area, we present the following report on Lettia’s neo-Nazi friends at Blood Eagle Tattoo and their associates.

Please bear in mind that this is nowhere near a complete listing of white supremacists in the Pittsburgh area, or even of those associated with Blood Eagle and Lettia. We have found many others whose politics we cannot yet confirm, or who we have not yet identified as living near Pittsburgh. However, the information we have makes it clear that there is a sizable community of neo-Nazis in Pittsburgh, centered around Blood Eagle Tattoo, and affiliated with a neo-Nazi gang called Atlantic City Skinheads (ACS). Philly Antifa has this to say about ACS:

The Atlantic City “Skins” have been around since the early 1990’s, when publicity generated from appearances on talk shows like Oprah and Geraldo led to a boom in Neo-Nazi bonehead gangs forming. Unlike most of their contemporaries, ACS is still around. Their members have been involved in countless assaults at bars and show venues over the years. Some of them have been imprisoned for murder and hate crimes. They have strong ties with the NJ state prison skins. ACS avoids political activity because it draws unwanted attention and interferes with their fun. Nevertheless, they are a very real threat. While they are based out of Atlantic City, several of their members live in the Philly area and others come here frequently for shows and events.

MHAS has found AC Skins members scattered around the country, including, as we are about to show, Pittsburgh.

Warren E. Meikle, Jr., pictured here, is the lead singer of neo-Nazi hardcore band Aggravated Assault. Warren is also a long time member of Atlantic City Skinheads. He has a Facebook account under the name “War Jameson” here. Warren is featured in a 1993 video of an Aggravated Assault show, which we strongly suggest watching with the sound turned off and a barf bag handy. Video here. According to Philly Antifa, Warren is “de-facto head of ACS since their leader Bryan Bradley died in 2011“. Originally from the Atlantic City area, Warren now lives in Pittsburgh’s Stanton Heights neighborhood. He was born on July 25, 1971.

Lettia Suchevich Meikle, pictured here, is married to Warren. She was recently featured in a City Paper article on local women tattoo artists. The piece included a picture of Lettia wearing an Aggravated Assault t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up far enough to expose a swastika tattoo. Lettia’s dossier was published in our previous report.

Erin Lambert, pictured here with his shirt off, sports a large swastika tattoo on his stomach, and a Celtic cross on his right shoulder. He owns Blood Eagle with his wife Amber Lambert. Erin’s email address is leftystattoo@hotmail.com. His Facebook account is here, where he proclaims himself “High Emperor” of Blood Eagle. He lives in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. UPDATE: Erin has a Myspace account also.

Amber Marie Lambert (maiden name Jury), pictured here, is Erin’s wife and co-owner of Blood Eagle. Her Facebook account is here, but may be deactivated soon. She is friends with the other neo-Nazis named in this report, as evidenced by their Facebook activity. Amber lives in Stanton Heights at the same address as Warren.

Luke Jason Goodrich, pictured here, has an Othala Rune tattooed on his neck, a neo-Nazi symbol. The Anti Defamation League’s entry for the Othala Rune can be found here. Luke is a friend of Warren and Lettia’s, pictured here with them and Brenda Byerly (entry below) in a bar on New Year’s Eve (Luke is third from left). Luke was born on September 23, 1969 according to Westmoreland County court records. He is from Greensburg, PA and now lives in Polish Hill with Erin. Luke’s Facebook page is here.

Brenda Byerly, pictured here and in Luke’s picture above, is Luke Goodrich’s partner. She too is friends with Warren and Lettia, shown with them and Luke in the group photo above. Brenda is also shown here in a group photo that includes two as yet unidentified women in Skrewdriver t-shirts (second from left in back, second from right. Brenda is in the center wearing red lipstick and a black cap.). Skrewdriver is an infamous neo-Nazi band whose ADL profile can be found here. Brenda’s Facebook page is here. She lives in Greensburg, PA.

Kimberly McNerney Joyce is the woman pictured with Erin above. Her Facebook page is here. She is Facebook friends with Luke, Brenda, Amber, and Erin. Kimberly works as a bus driver for the Upper St. Clair school district.

Blood Eagle Tattoo is located at 406 S. Craig Street in Oakland. Their phone number is 412-956-3364. Their email address is bloodeagletattoo@yahoo.com, and their web site is at bloodeagletattoo.com.


Erin and Luke, the two who live in Polish Hill, were likely responsible for the recent rash of fascist stickers there reported on Torchlight. We will publish their address, and those of the other fascists in this report, as soon as we have absolutely confirmed it.

Blood Eagle has recently been attempting to buff their public image by holding fundraisers for the PGH Equality Center. We have informed the Center from whom they have been accepting donations.

The Facebook links might not work if you are not logged into Facebook.

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  1. Cindy Collins says:

    What’s really sad is Children are involved and at the mercy of these adults who are responsible for everything the children learn.


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