Pittsburgh, PA: Solidarity with Eric King J28

Originally published by It’s Going Down.

For this year’s day of solidarity with Eric King, anarchists in Pittsburgh PA threw his name up around the city with streaks and stickers. A banner was nailed up over a gross navy seal recruitment billboard in support of EK as well, because fuck the water pigs. The shit Eric went down for was an action in support of the Ferguson Uprising; in the wake of the murder of Antwon Rose Jr. by a killer cop here in Pittsburgh, his action resonates deeply right now especially.

Fuckin stay strong homie, Pitts loves you Eric!!!!

Love, Rage + Chaos Magik,

Some Anarchists in So-Called PA

WE dont have to

A Poem by Eric King

We dont have to accept this world

We dont have to be ok with the cammo bros

Destroying lives and invading worlds

We dont have to be ok with orange rapist

Becoming leaders

They dont have to be our leaders

We dont have to accept Veterans Day

We dont have to tip toe around these clowns

We dont have to Salute flags and Blue ribbons

We dont have to tolerate predators

We dont have to build fucking walls

and lock fucking cages

We dont have to stand by while this happens

We dont have to stay silent or submissive

We dont have to forget our friends

or pretend they are doing just fine

We dont have to ignore our mental issues

and act like we aren’t on the brink

We dont have to be ok with capitalism

We dont have to fucking buy everything

they push down our throats til were

gagging on god damn receipts

We dont have to laugh at rape jokes

We dont have to quietly endure ‘casual racism’

We dont have to be accept ‘locker room talk’

We don’t have to bow down

We dont have to close our eyes to whats happening

We dont have to belong and fit in

We dont have to devour our world

We dont have to hate and we dont have to stay angry

We dont have to do anything that doesn’t feel right

We dont have to give our support to things that make

us feel uneasy or uncomfortable

We dont have to.


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