Pittsburgh: Autonomous Actions in Solidarity with the National Prison Strike

This is an incomplete list of autonomous actions taken in solidarity with the (inter)national prison strike. It is comprised of several anonymous photo submissions and brief report-backs, all of which were sent in to Filler prior to the strike’s start on August 21st.

Abolitionist Yinzers

Today (8/12), an autonomous group of abolitionist yinzers hit the streets of Pittsburgh to promote solidarity with the upcoming national prison strike & call for police abolition.


Graffiti Actions


An Idea

The other night, a friend and I conspired over a sigil to support the prison strike. Later, after catching wind of the counter-repression phone blasts, they remembered a story about an anarchist who faxed thousands of copies of a black piece of paper to several prisons that repressed comrades on the inside. Later that night, after throwing our sigil up around town, we found a working fax machine.

All technology is already weaponized, might as well use it…

Against the prison state.
Against a predictable life.
Against civilization. 
Against consensus reality.

Against toner cartridges >:-)

We also wrote Eric King’s name on a bunch of shit. Much love.




























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