RUST PUNX RADIO: Stream New Pittsburgh Punk & Hardcore


There’s a lot of music coming out of Pittsburgh lately, and it’s easy to forget to check out a new release. Rust Punx Radio* will be dropping a mix of new local punk and hardcore every few months, because up the punx. We’re mostly hoping to keep up with good music, but we’re also thinking that maybe this project might connect some dots across the fractured Pittsburgh hardcore scene(s).

You can stream the first RPR mix at the bandcamp linked above, or you can just check out the tracklist below.

*(radio, streaming a mix, whatever)


If you want your band’s music to be on the next mix, or if you don’t want your band’s music to be on here at all, send us an email @ fillercollective [at] riseup [dot] net

1. Awake by EEL on their 2019 split with Radio Active:

2. …Into the Wasteland by DEATH GASP on their 2019 Self-Titled Demo:

3. Absolut Failure / No One is Home by DRUG LUST on their 2019 EP “No One is Home” –

4. Other People’s Money by PEACE TALKS? on their 2020 Tour Tape

5. Dread Creeps In by CHILLER on their 2020 Self-Titled EP

6. Rust Belt Blues by ILLITERATES on their 2019 Fall Tape

7. Life at the End of Empire by DECIVILIZE
from the benefit compilation “A SCAM for the Big Idea”

8. Perfect Boy by SHIN GUARD on their
2019 split EP with For Your Health, “Death of Spring”

9. Elven Hate by DISGOBLIN from the benefit compilation “A SCAM for the Big Idea”

10. Cashin’ Out by PARKING LOT BANDITS on their 2020 EP, “Some Call it Utopia”

rust punx

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