DECIVILIZE Releases Single to Support The Big Idea Cooperative Bookstore & Cafe


“Quarantine” is out now!

Filler just recorded a single for our homies in DECIVILIZE, all proceeds from this track will support Pittsburgh’s friendly neighborhood anarchist bookstore The Big Idea Bookstore, Inc as they close their doors during the Covid-19 pandemic.

THE BIG IDEA’s STATEMENT (originally posted to their facebook)

The Big Idea is temporarily closing due to growing public health concerns in the midst of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

As anarchists, we assert that in times of crisis people have the capability of taking voluntary action, both collectively and individually, to mitigate the risks posed by an outbreak such as this. We understand it is imperative to slow the spread of contagion to lessen the chance of our catastrophically unprepared healthcare system becoming overwhelmed. It is in the spirit of these concerns that we make this decision.

However, we are also aware that state and government forces are more than willing to exploit crises by abusing tools like quarantines and other states of exception. This often comes at the expense of the most vulnerable, especially those detained and imprisoned in overcrowded jails, prisons, and concentration camps. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and critically and encourage all to do the same.

We apologize to all of those in the community who rely on our space. Hopefully we will be able to open our doors again soon.

(statement copied from our comrades at Wooden Shoe Books and Records since it was so well written!) 

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