ZINE || Cracking Screens — A Scam App Primer

This zine was anonymously submitted to Filler for distribution in 2020.

PDF for online reading

PDF Zine, imposed printing format (short-edge binding)

An excerpt from the introduction:

Smartphones are really fucking snitchy and nasty. From the exploitation needed to extract lithium, to the suicide-net factories where the phones are assembled, to the social othering of those who cannot afford them, to the anxious phantom-buzz in your pocket that teaches us to dread solitude… the world of the smartphone is tragically just beginning to gain momentum.

As crises erupt globally, nation-states will be racing to deploy the latest digital carceral infrastructure needed to predict and preemptively respond to “crime”, manage populations, and regulate the movements of individuals. Meanwhile, many of us often find ourselves reliant on our phones to keep close with those far away, or to find the gigs that we need to work to gather resources – for a lot of us, phones are unfortunately a near- essential tool we rely on to move through the world.

I have no interest in arguing for some pure withdrawal from communications technology. Instead, I want to explore the ways that phone apps are produced in order to map out the exploits that can be found within them.

While we look for ways to mitigate the way technology mediates our lives, we also ought to find ways to hijack tech to get free shit and carry out new experiments in autonomy.

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