PITTSBURGH: Graffiti & Zines for Week of Action Against Line 3

Anonymous submission received on 07.15.21

Resistance to the Line 3 Pipeline in Minnesota is escalating. This past month saw thousands from across the country joining frontline activists and organizers during the Treaty People Gathering, using well-organized mass direct action to both shut down construction and to force the issue onto society’s front burner and front pages. Many remain, bolstering forces with long term frontline activists. Resistance has also been escalating geographically, spreading far and wide and using the arts-based tactics of resistance; from wheat pasted street posters, to painting street murals on the pavement, to sing outs and creative actions and disruptions of the banks that fund and profit from Line 3 and fossil fuels.”


Answering the call for a week of Arts Visibility Actions to Defund Line 3 — from July 12-17, a couple of friends in so-called pittsburgh decided to make visible the ongoing anti-Line3 struggle. We dream of an end to this settler-colonial nightmare, and of a world without climate catastrophe looming large over our past, present and future. We fight for #LandBack to our Indigenous relatives, and to eradicate the pervasive anti-Blackness and xenophobia enforced by cops and borders. We refuse to concede that the future is ‘settled’ and that Indigenous sovereignty can be eroded at will by this white supremacist, imperialist, capitalist state. 

At the Line 3 construction site, there has been a hyper-militarized response by police, who are funded by Enbridge (multinational corporation) to Indigenous people exercising their treaty rights.  Even as we fight state-funded cops here, we must be aware of the tactics of corporation-funded cops and develop ways to resist and subvert their advances. Water Protectors are fighting to preserve their cultural heritage, ecosystems, food sources, and putting their bodies on the line for a livable future. We see past all the greenwashing from fossil fuel companies, and the utter failure of govt/corp/nonprofit ‘leaders’ in taking meaningful action against the unfolding climate catastrophe.

We can only succeed if we whack this machine from all sides. Indigenous relatives are calling for more people to come join the struggle on the frontlines – more info here: 



Carry out your own art actions with this kit:


You can send your report-backs, zine submissions, critiques, graffiti/action photos, demo tapes, hate mail, & memes to…


We’ll try to get back to you in a reasonable amount of punk time.

Send reports in email form, as an attachment, or better yet, on an easy to use (and free) Riseup Pad or CryptPad.

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