We Don’t Dial 911 in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

PDF download: https://archive.org/details/rogers-poster

We were inspired by the posters going up around town, and so we printed another design. Email us if you want a stack for distro.

Formatted for 11.5×17 tabloid size paper.

~ RIP Jim Rogers ~

On October 13, several Pittsburgh police officers responded to a call about a possible bike theft in Bloomfield. According to neighbors, Jim Rogers rode a bike that was sitting on a neighbor’s lawn, returned it, then smoked a cigarette on a porch. Neighbors say the bike had been for sale and sitting outside for some time, although the sign was recently removed after the kid’s mother had previously stated, “If anybody wants it, just take it.”1

When police arrived, they attempted to arrest Mr. Rogers, who disagreed with the premise of an arrest-able offense and did not comply with the officers’ commands. Neighbors then witnessed officers use a Taser on Mr. Rogers three times. Jim Rogers died in the hospital shortly after. He was 54-years-old.

Let’s make Bloomfield a neighborhood that calls our friends, our neighbors, and our community organizations first. Strong communities don’t need to call the police because a Black man is riding a bike.

1Direct quotation sourced from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


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