People are Responsible for the Climate Crisis – A Poem and Public Warning

Anonymous submission received on 05.31.22

People are responsible for the climate crisis

People are responsible for the climate crisis.  

Banks fund it

Oil companies profit from it

Law firms defend it

All these things depend on people to function

Renewable energy

Sustainable infrastructure

Vegan Diets


No cars

These are solutions

But so is accounability

People are responsible for the climate crisis

And they need to be held accountable

Murry Gerber is one of many those people

He has made millions helping the oil and gas industry pillage our region

He is on the board Blackrock and Halliburton

He has a mansion on a hill

He is on the board of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

He has a failed marriage

He isn’t special

But we aren’t going to allow him to hurt the planet any longer

Public Warning Poster for Murry S. Gerber. 

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  1. Reck says:

    Huge fan of anyone putting the work in and getting the word out. I hope people who see this poster share its powerful message and take action. But I feel that the communique that’s accompanied it uses some potentially harmful and inaccurate rhetoric. I hope my comment starts a conversation that addresses it.

    Saying “people” are responsible for the climate crisis shifts blame away from civilization, global capitalism, and colonialism and onto individuals. Peter Gelderloos’ “The Solutions Are Already Here” addresses this well, I think.

    “Though the society that is causing this major ecological crisis is truly global, it only became global through a particular course, and not everyone has the same relationship to it. It might not be ‘my’ society in the same way that it is ‘your’ society…

    Humans do not destroy the environment, but states do. Stateless societies are by no means perfect, but they are less likely to carry out ecocide and more able to adapt and change their ways. Entrenched hierarchies inside and outside states often encourage ecocidal behaviors and prevent adaptation. Throughout human history, revolution has been a commonsense and effective response to the ecocide conducted by ruling classes. If we do not revolt in the face of ecocide, the likely result is that states will increase their power and intensify their exploitative practices…

    People dehumanized by Western slavery, colonialism, and racism finally get included in the category ‘human’, just in time to share the blame for the devastation caused by a social system that has ravaged them far more than they have profited from it.”

    That last paragraph references Kathryn Yusoff‘s “A Billion Black Anthropocenes”.

    I also think The Invisible Committee’s critique of degrowth is worth some consideration. Combating institutional extractivism should take priority over minimizing personal consumption.


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