PITTSBURGH: March for Jayland Walker || Black Liberation Autonomous Collective and Black Anarchist Community Council

These two statements from B.L.A.C. were originally posted to their Instagram on July 3 (before the march) and July 11 (after the march).

July 3 march announcement statement from B.L.A.C.

Jayland was sh*t by 8 cops 60 times in Ohio. After this, law enforcement still handcuffed his lifeless body.

There is a lot of rage currently among folks, yet us Black folks have been raging over the continuous attacks against our community through state sanctioned violence. Intersectionality is a key factor for liberation. It’s not a trend or something to do for fun. We have yet to see justice for our local cousins: Leonard Williams Jr, Jim Rogers, Romir Talley, Antwon Rose, the list goes on. These are our lives.


July 11 B.L.A.C. post-march statement.

We need accomplices not allies. We need solidarity outside of when it is most convenient.

The m*rder of Jayland Walker can’t be justified. We can say the same when it comes to our cousins Jim Rogers, Leonard Williams Jr., Romir Talley, Antwon Rose, and those we don’t even know about unfortunately. It’s cool to yell and scream and let our anger out, but what else are we actually doing to keep our neighborhoods protected? Our oppressors are unified and so should we. Without TRUE solidarity we have nothing.

You can send your report-backs, zine submissions, critiques, graffiti/action photos, demo tapes, hate mail, & memes to…


We’ll try to get back to you in a reasonable amount of punk time.

Send reports in email form, as an attachment, or better yet, on an easy to use (and free) Riseup Pad or CryptPad.

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