UPitt Anarchy: No Space for Hate Reportback

Anonymous Submission originally published by the new counterinfo site in town, UPitt Anarchy, on 9/13/2022.

The TERFS tried to have some speeches in front of the City-County building. People showed up, many masked, and made it impossible for them to spread their transphobic message. Pots, pans, drums, a trumpet, blow horns, and claps completely drowned out their mic. People danced and shouted. It felt good to fuck up their shit, small victories empower us to continue in our action.

But it felt like an incomplete victory. The TERFs got their speeches decently disrupted, but they remained outside of the City-County building, protected by the police. It was an overt display of the state’s enforcement of patriarchy and transphobia. The TERFs got to feel both empowered by the state’s protection, and persecuted by the disrupters (who far outnumbered them).

As individuals in the fight for trans lives, we must respond to this display with unbridled hostility. If the goal is to disrupt them, let’s force the transphobes to leave while few police are at the scene. We outnumbered them while they were setting up, when there was only one cop lingering about. That’s a ripe opportunity to fuck up or steal their signs, amps, mics, or anything else. Grab some friends, grab their shit, and get the fuck out.

We should also understand that not every individual has the same risk tolerance when it comes to confronting hate. Diversity of tactics is something all disruptions, marches, blocs, etc. should emphasize. However, each individual can still mask up, wear anonymous clothing, and stay tight with the group. These simple steps are indispensable for the proliferation of confrontation.

While there is greater risk with heightened confrontation, there is also greater reward. If transphobes and other hate-mongers know they will face physical repercussions when organizing on the streets, they will stay online, loose much of their hold over prospective followers, and fail to intimidate and harass trans people in our physical surroundings.

Aside from the results more confrontational tactics might reap, they are simply more of an appropriate response to hate. Spreading hateful rhetoric has very real consequences. People kill themselves and kill others because of the rhetoric people like TERFs spread. Let’s treat this like the fight it is. We’re well past civil discourse. Let’s take the next step. Civil disobedience? Nah. Fuck the civil, let’s get disobedient.

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