Tires of 5 Oversized Motor Vehicles Deflated in Pittsburgh

Anonymous submission received on 10.13.22

Tires of 5 Oversized Motor Vehicles Deflated in Pittsburgh.

Recently, a group of anti-car activists deflated the tires of 5 large cars, SUVs and trucks, in the upper-class neighborhood of Shadyside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

The individuals committed this act out of protest of car violence in the city and everywhere. The increase in large cars like trucks and SUVS on our roads has lead to the increased deaths of pedestrians and cyclists. 

The message that the individuals wish to spread is that these types of cars are wholly unnecessary, especially in an urban environment. They also wish to express that the presence of these vehicles is an unacceptable risk to the lives of residents of Pittsburgh. 

Since asking most people to stop driving their killing machines around town is ineffective, the individuals decided to start taking matters into their own hands by deflating the tires of large cars that are privately owned. Residents are encouraged to organize for greater access to high quality public transit to eliminate the need for these kinds of actions to save lives.

There is reason to believe that these kinds of anti-car actions will happen again in the Pittsburgh area. Stay tuned.

Photo unrelated to action.

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