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Filler is a radical zine & distro affiliated with Pittsburgh’s autonomous student network.


Filler started in 2012 as a punk/hardcore fanzine. Now we focus on providing a platform for Pittsburgh’s growing radical youth community to share news, analysis, and free shit.

Live communism, spread anarchy.

We print new issues irregularly and distro mostly free zines, books, posters, stickers, CDs, tapes, and other cheap junk we can make on our own or already have in our collection. Hit up the collective for submissions, free stuff, etc HERE.

Printable PDF Archive

You can check out the Filler distro inventory and PDF library HERE. Bulk shipping for any zine is free up to (50) copies. 

Online Content

The University of Pittsburgh’s Student Orientation Guide: Very Dank Edition

Filler  #6 – Spring 2017

For a University Against Itself

Filler  #5 – Fall 2016

Every Cook Can Abolish Governance – Parts 12
The Relevance of Max Stirner to Anarcho-Communists

Filler  #4 – Spring 2016

Reality Isn’t Safe
On Tactics: A Response to PSSC’s “Reality isn’t Safe”
It’s a Man’s Campus, Let’s Fuck it Up! (Part I)

Destroy Gender

Filler  #3 – Fall 2015

The Black Lives Matter Schism: Towards a Vision for Black Autonomy
Dangers of Funding

Who’s Co-opting Whom?

Communiqués and Report-Backs (Sorted by date received)

Solidarity in the Streets – 03.29.17
Pittsburgh: Rebellion Inside and Outside ACJ3.22.17
Pittsburgh Squatters Love A.N.A.L.
Cracks in the Steel City: Reportbacks from Pittsburgh
– 11.13.16
PITT: You Can’t Stop the Revolution, Late-Night March Against Trump – 11.9.16
Pitt: Fascist Scum, Off Our Campus!11.1.16
End the Institution! A Call to Come Together Against the University – 10.19.16
Fuck a Police State – Night March Report Back
– 9.27.16 
Pittsburgh Prison Strike Action Report Back
Pittsburghers Disrupt ALEC Dinner at Heinz Hall to Stand up for Democracy
 – 5.5.16
Report from Pittsburgh Anarchists on Clashes at Trump Rally – 4.17.16
Pittsburgh: The Dreamers and the Provincial – 4.15.16
Fuck Stiegemeyer, Fuck the Patriarchy, Fuck the Peace Police – 4.11.16
Communiqué from the Morgantown Ultra Left Network4.7.16
I Got Arrested for Calling Michael Hayden a War Criminal – 4.4.16
Pittsburgh’s Throwing Down! 3.5.16
Milo Goes to Pitt (collection of alternative actions during “Milogate”) – 3.5.16
2015: selected report-backs, statements, communiqués
#MillionStudentMarch – ASN Communiqué – 11.13.15
Report Back: Pro-Choice Counterdemo 10.8.15

Legal Support // Prisoner Solidarity

Solidarity Needed on Multiple Fronts for Arrestees
Donate to arrestees at ACJ demonstration on 3/20

Donate to Pittsburghers Arrested at J20
Support the Pitt Anti-Fascist Legal Defense Fund!

Prisoner Support – Ferguson Uprising

Holman Prisoner Revolt Update

Miscellaneous Content

Anarchism Is… Compilation of quotes on anarchism
Destroy Gender 2
: Responses and Reflections
A Brief Analysis of Politicization Following Orlando
Illegal Queers PGH – Open Letter Regarding Orlando
Know Your Rights: Staying Safe in the Streets – two-sided flier
As Above, So Below – Halloween Filler and a report-back from its distribution
The Divorce of Thought from Deed – 2009 zine from UNC kids

Pittsburgh Distros:

The Big Idea Cooperative
SQ Distro
1Hood Media
Pittsburgh Anarchist Black Cross // Pittsburgh Anarchists

Pitt Student Zines:

Pitt Inc.
The Fourth Wave

Local Media:

Mobilize Pgh

Pittsburgh Student Solidarity Coalition
NewPeople – Thomas Merton Center 
Pittsburgh Anarchy

Crowd-Sourced Lists of Pittsburgh Projects:

Pittsburgh Resources and Organizations
Pittsburgh Area Organizations for Social Justice

Revolutionary News & Media:

It’s Going Down
Insurrection News
Revolution News
Anti-Fascist News
Earth First! Newswire
Philly Anti-Cap


Active RVA (Richmond)
AMN Collective (Kansas City)
Anti-State STL [St. Louis]
Attaque [France]
Autonomous Student Network – UT Austin [Austin]
The Base (Brooklyn, NYC)
BC Blackout [British Columbia]
Bite Back [International]
Conflict MN [Twin Cities]
Chronik [Germany]
Chuang [China]
DefendDNVR (Denver)
Durham Anti-Repression Committee (Durham)
El Enemigo Comun [Oaxaca]
Enough is Enough [International]
Final Straw Radio [Asheville]
FireWorks (Bay Area, CA)
Fuck Yeah, Anarchist Zines!
The Hamilton Institute [Hamilton]
Indigenous Action
International Student Movement
Montréal Counter-Information [Montréal]
Morgantown Ultra-Left Network [Morgantown]
NC Piece Corps [North Carolina]
Noticias de la Guerra Social [Chile]
Plain Words [Bloomington]
Proyecto Ambulante [Oaxaca]
Puget Sound Anarchists [Pacific Northwest]
Regeneración Radio [Mexico City]
Rififi [Bloomington]
Subversiones [Mexico]
Tri-Anarchy (The Triangle Area, NC)
Warrior Publications
Where The River Frowns [Evansville]
Workers Assemble [Durham]


Antifa Dallas
Antifa International
Antifa Sacramento
Atlanta Antifascists
International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund
North Star Antifa
Northern California Anti-Racist Action
NYC Antifa
One People’s Project
Orlando Antifa
Philly Antifa
Rocky Mountain Antifa
Rose City Antifa
San Gabriel Valley Anti-Repression
South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action
Three Way Fight
Torch Network

Prisoner Support

Atlanta Anarchist Black Cross
Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee
Bloomington ABC
Cleveland Four
Denver ABC
Free Jeremy
Free Marius Mason
Free Red Fawn
Free Michael Kimble
New York City ABC
Free the NATO Three
Sacramento Prisoner Support
Sean Swain
Support Eric King
Support Babygirl Gann
Support Nicole & Joseph
Support Prisoner Resistance
Trans Prisoner Day Of Solidarity


Fuck the admin, fuck tuition, fuck the heteropatriarchy, fuck white supremacy, fuck the state, fuck capitalism, colonialism etc.

Up with the students, up with the faculty, up with the workers, up with street parties, up with Oakland, up with the PGH-DIY scene, up with house shows, up with raves, up with clean drugs, up with the vegan kids, up with the straight edge kids, other dank shit etc.

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