Report back from Die-in/Rally to Stop Trumpcare

“I came out here for a protest, what the hell is this?” It was bureaucratic bullshit and an amazing example of imposed hierarchies thwarting the ability and power of natural, collectivized direct action.

Pittsburgh Squatters Love ANAL!

Early in the morning of February 6th, Pittsburgh squatters dropped a banner in solidarity with the anti-fascist, anti-capitalist squatters of ANAL.

Cracks in the Steel City: Reportbacks from Pittsburgh

We could go on again about how the lines have been drawn, but this is obvious every time they are crossed or redrawn. It has never been about who has the right ideas or comes from the right background, revolution can only be made by those who revolt!

PITT: Fascist Scum, Off Our Campus!

What’s the purpose of free speech, if not to foster a world free from oppression? Fascists oppose this vision; thus we oppose fascism by any means necessary.

Fuck a Police State – Night March Report Back

Received on 9.27.16 Click Here for a print-ready zine On Thursday, September 23rd, around 30-40 people (and probably just as many pigs) turned out for a last-minute action in solidarity with the uprising in Charlotte. The first chain text went out the night before, and a facebook event popped up shortly afterwords. In hindsight, making a facebook event…

Prison Strike Action Report Back

Originally posted to It’s Going Down on 9/10/16 On Tuesday 9/6, kids with the autonomous student network chalked the University of Pittsburgh campus police station with messages of solidarity with the prison strikers and anti-police slogans. On Wednesday 9/7, 12 or so people from Pittsburgh Anarchist Black Cross and the Pittsburgh Student Solidarity Coalition brought…