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You can send your report-backs, zine submissions, critiques, graffiti/action photos, demo tapes, hate mail, & memes to…

We’ll try to get back to you in a reasonable amount of punk time.

Send reports in email form, as an attachment, or better yet, on an easy to use (and free) Riseup Pad or CryptPad.

For anonymous submissions, we strongly encourage you to not submit anything that directly or indirectly incriminates you or others. Practice having a good security culture. Blur people’s faces or anything that might reveal their identity in photos.

For sending anonymous emails, please use a one-time use email account from Riseup, Autistici/Inventati, Espiv, Disroot, Tutanota, or ProtonMail. Guerillamail does not work with our email address.

We also recommend sending anonymous submissions through the Tor browser or by using Tails. Alternatively, you may also use a VPN like Riseup VPN.

For text-based submissions we recommend using Riseup Pad or CryptPad.

If your submission includes photos, we strongly recommend that you remove any metadata using tools like EXIF Purge or Exif Cleaner.