We call on students and youth everywhere to join us in bursting the campus bubble.

For a University Against Itself

For an education that liberates. For a campus culture that terrifies Pitt’s board of trustees. For a campus that celebrates life.

Communiqué from the Morgantown Ultra Left Network

Filler received this message from a newly formed crew of radical youth living just a few hours away in Morgantown, West Virginia (you know, WVU town). We’re looking forward to hearing more from them, and especially looking forward to throwing down together when shit gets real! Check out their tumblr HERE. Just south of Pittsburgh, in…

Pittsburgh’s Throwing Down!

This year’s United Students Against Sweatshops conference brought some badass kids out from all over Turtle Island, kicking off Friday with the March to Take Back Our University and holding workshops throughout the weekend. USAS is working to promote collective liberation as a framework in reformist campaigns like the Fight for $15, and Friday’s march was the…

#MillionStudentMarch – ASN Communiqué

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The Black Lives Matter Schism: Towards a Vision for Black Autonomy

Written by J. Northam [Black Autonomy Federation // twitter @BlackAutonomist] This article, originally published on counterpunch, was reprinted with permission from the Black Autonomy Federation and comrade Northam in the third issue of Filler, “Resisting Co-Optation: Perspectives on respectability, power disparities within movements, and the whitewashing of struggle.” The Black Lives Matter movement exhibited a schism…

Arrival Survival

The University of Pittsburgh’s student orientation guide: Very Dank Edition Disorientation: The Task Ahead of Us Welcome to Pitt! From the prison of high school, it looked cool and inviting, full of new freedoms and the chance to learn something real for the first time. But soon enough, you’ll watch the excitement fade. The task…