Pittsburgh: “Abolish Prisons, Fuck ACJ”

ACJ is Pittsburgh’s segment of the modern day slave plantation, murdering people while profiting the state.


Pittsburgh, PA: June 11th Solidarity March

Pittsburgh anarchists held a march in solidarity with anarchist prisoners on June 11th, 2017.

PITTSBURGH: Comrades Maxx and Shea are Free!

Statement from the Pittsburgh Anarchist Black Cross Received 5.18.2017 Today we are happy to report our friends Maxx and Shea were released early from the Allegheny County Jail in Pittsburgh. Far from being an example of goodwill and magnanimity from Judge Mariani, their initial 3-12 month sentence from him (when the D.A. only asked for…

Donate to arrestees at ACJ demonstration on 3/20!

This is the Pittsburgh Autonomous Anti-Repression Fund! Your contributions will go directly to paying bail, bond, legal and/or medical fees for those arrested at Allegheny County Jail (ACJ) on March 20th!

Prisoner Support – Ferguson Uprising

Originally posted to Anti-State St. Louis: What follows is a list of people who were arrested and imprisoned during the Ferguson rebellions. Their charges, sentences, the particulars of their cases vary widely, as do their interpretations of the events in Ferguson and their participation or alleged participation in those events. We present the information below…

Holman Prisoner Revolt Update

Comrade Michael Kimble is also being held captive by the state of alabama in holman prison, where a second uprising has taken control of general population (although there is zero proof that he has anything to do with the revolts, officer). You can read his writing, which has been published in zines like Wildfire and…

Prisoner Solidarity – Josh Williams

Originally posted to It’s Going Down So let’s get to the bad news. Josh was sentenced to 8 years for allegedly lighting a QuikTrip on fire in Berkeley, MO last year after a police shooting there. There was an intense sentencing hearing which you can read about here. Anti-State STL provided the following update, encouraging comrades…