ZINE | Pittsburgh Mutual Aid – Issue #1 (Spring 2021)

In this first issue of their new zine, PMA elaborates on the autonomous & anti-capitalist ethic of mutual aid, reflects on the events of January 6, offers some leads for those in Pittsburgh looking to get organized, and more!

ZINE | Youth Liberation Now (Issue #1)

‘Youth Liberation Now’ is the first issue of a new zine from a local “anarchist, anti-fascist, and 16 year old girl” that covers “everything that relates to youth, education, and youth liberation.”

ZINE || Cracking Screens — A Scam App Primer

“While we look for ways to mitigate the way technology mediates our lives, we also ought to find ways to hijack tech to get free shit and carry out new experiments in autonomy.”

ZINE | Cyberpunk Honeycombs

The old axiom goes on. Stare into the abyss long enough and the abyss stares back.
Don’t blink. Stand your ground and the abyss nervously averts its gaze.