NLG Pittsburgh Protest Felony Defense Fund


The National Lawyers Guild of Pittsburgh is hosting this fundraiser to provide  badly needed financial support to protesters in our city who are being charged and in some cases held in the Allegheny County Jail on unsubstantiated felony charges. In some cases, protestors are being held with exorbitant bail demands designed to keep them in holding, and at times, denied bail all together. We believe that these severe and unprovoked charges are being used to intimidate with the intention of repressing protests against police brutality in our city. 100% of funds raised will be used directly for the legal defense and expenses of these individuals. It will also provide much needed commissary funds while they are in jail.

While there is some legal support being provided to protestors in Pittsburgh, those facing the most serious charges and have the greatest needs are unfortunately the least likely to receive pro-bono legal defense. There are upwards of 30 (and counting) protestors and organizers who have been targeted,  sought out, and charged by local and in some cases federal authorities — sometimes days or weeks after the protest in question has occurred, and usually without any tangible evidence. We hope to raise as much as we possibly can to offset the insurmountable financial burden they are facing, and appreciate your support through donating and/or sharing this link far and wide. Unfortunately, it will require a great deal of money to ensure the protestors being charged with felonies receive the legal defense they truly need to fight back.

The NLG is dedicated to the need for basic change in the structure of our political and economic system. The NLG anti-imperialist and anti-racist and we strive to bring in anti-oppressive practices to all aspects of our organization. The Guild is best known for our work defending the rights of protesters through our Mass Defense and Legal Observer Programs , which have been providing legal support for movements for social justice for 50 years. Guild lawyers, law students, and legal workers observe police actions during protests, provide Know Your Rights training, track arrestees through the legal system, and provide free attorneys for protest-related cases.

photo credit: Phil Henry

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