PITTSBURGH: Shell Gas Station Locked Down in Solidarity with Global Coastline Rebellion

[Anonymous submission received 02.18.22]

Autonomous individuals used bicycle locks to shut down a Shell gas station in Pittsburgh. Four pump stations, each with two unleaded fuel dispensers, were disabled by pulling the fuel nozzle handles toward metal bars surrounding the pump stations, then locking the nozzle handles to the metal bars. Each lock had the words “Shell Kills” attached to it along with Shell’s logo in the form of a skull. 

This direct action temporarily disabled a part of the fossil fuel system, imposing costs on Shell. Others are encouraged to replicate this action, as well as use other direct action tactics to destroy fossil fuel companies like Shell. The individuals also wished to express solidarity with protestors across the world who recently took part in the Global Coastline Rebellion against Shell and other fossil fuel companies.

The time to wait for these companies to stop their assault is over. Politicians will not and cannot take the necessary action. Direct action is needed to impose costs on these companies, so they will no longer stand in the way of a liveable future for the world.

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