From Democracy to Freedom — CrimethInc Book Talk at The Mr. Roboto Project

The talk will take place at The Mr. Roboto Project, Wednesday March 7th, and is co-hosted by The Big Idea Bookstore collective and the Steel City Autonomous Movement.



We call on students and youth everywhere to join us in bursting the campus bubble.

For a University Against Itself

For an education that liberates. For a campus culture that terrifies Pitt’s board of trustees. For a campus that celebrates life.

Filler #6 – Promo Video!

Filler issue #6, “For a University Against Itself,” is out now! Physical copies are available for sale – all proceeds will go to our comrades’ legal defense funds here in Pittsburgh. The print-ready pdf and an online reading version will be released next week. In the meantime, if you can’t get ahold of us for…