Marcellus Shale Coalition and Their Landlord, Mosites, Targeted

Anonymous submission received on 10.26.22

Some time recently, a band of life-loving hooligans went out to Robinson Township and vandalized signage of the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC), a group of organizations and businesses in so-called Pennsylvania that promote fracking in our region. The band of hooligans also targeted Mosites, the landlord that grants MSC office space to run its deadly operations.

The band chose to target MSC and its accomplice, Mosites, because MSC is a powerhouse of the natural gas industry that often enjoys no public scrutiny. MSC has been able to operate quietly yet openly, using its collective money and influence to bribe state politicians and increase fracking in our area. 

The individuals threw fake blood on MSC’s sign to represent how MSC and the entire petro industry has blood on its hands. Nothing proves this to be a literal accusation more than the explosion of rare cancers among children in southwestern Pennsylvania. 

In order to reveal who in our community has been supporting MSC, the individuals also spray painted one of Mosites’s signs. The messages painted say, “Fracking Kills” and “Stop Renting to MSC.”

MSC’s office can be found at 400 Mosites Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15205.

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