PITTSBURGH: Local Shooting Range Hosts Neo-Nazi Fundraiser Concert


Just because the usual neo-Nazi boneheads have not captured the headlines they way they used to doesn’t mean they aren’t active, and there are some around them who probably wishes we wouldn’t take notice of that.

Left Photo: Flyer promoting the show (that conveniently does not mention the venue}. Right Photo: Inside the club during the show.

PITTSBURGH, PA – The neo Nazi organization American Defense “Skinheads” (ADS) put on a memorial show last Saturday, but what sets this show apart from the other various shows and “social events” that ADS has put on in the last few years was the venue. 

The Pitcairn-Monroeville Sportsmen’s Club (PMSC) recreational hall was filled with merchandise tables peddling racist band shirts and white supremacist propaganda while chants of “seig heil” and “white power” were shouted by the crowd giving the Nazi salute. Meanwhile outside of the rec hall there is a memorial to the veterans of our armed forces, including those who served in WW2 fighting against the Nazi regime. 

Attendees outside the Pitcairn-Monroeville Sportsmen’s Club during the show.

ADS has a history of using events like this to promote their terrible bands and their second rate record labels, selling merchandise as a part of their organizational fundraising operations.

In addition to the fundraising aspects these shows are a way for these neo nazi gangs to meet new recruits, maintain bonds with far away members, plot new campaigns, and distribute printed propaganda.

Bob Gaus (left) of Keystone United poses with others in front of a merch table.
John Smaligo, on the left facing the camera, plays while audience members Seig Heil and nazi salute

PMSCs President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and all nine Club Officers were contacted for a statement and there were varied responses. One officer defended the club’s hosting the events because he “believes in freedom” and that “If it was a group of Jewish people I wouldn’t have a problem with it either.” When pressed further, he said that he would “be calling the board and looking into it”. Another club officer spoke about being “very disturbed by this news” and stated that “we have a diverse board and membership”. The third repeated that he had “no comment at this time”.

A PMSC member contacted Idavox regarding their recent issue with the club.  “I had contacted the club back in June (2022) to let them know about John Smaligo (of ADS) joining the club,” they said. “I sent them screen shots, pictures and links to video casts of John on a Nazi show with other Nazis expressing his views. I sent the interviews that John did explaining his ideology and hate music. I included a screenshot of his membership from the club so they could see this was the same guy. I let them know he is in organizations with members who have been dishonorably discharged from the military as well as felony convictions for violent crimes that are linked to their beliefs. This is clearly who John is and what he advocates for.” 

When asked if this person would like to be named in an article they stated “No for the same reason I didn’t want to be named to the club’s board members back in June. I am afraid of violent retalitation by the neo nazi club member or his gang. I was contacted by a few board members, one in particular had choice words for me, who were more concerned about my remaining anonymous than the fact that they had a neo nazi organizer as a member of their club.” 

When asked if there was any last statement they would like to give they said “I don’t want to be in a club where known fascists organize and fundraise for their gangs. Especially because we have Black and Jewish club members. Its only a matter of time before one of these gang members attacks or kills a club member based on their race, identity or sexual orientation. I came to this club because of the facilities and the diversity of the members. With leadership and a board who appear more interested in protecting neo nazi activity than ensuring a safe shooting environment well I don’t know. I guess I will see what comes of all this.”

That night, two unsettled looking club members spoke on what they saw as they were leaving PMSC. “We were just coming to target shoot when we saw the crowd in front of the hall”, one of them said. “We stopped to ask what event was happening tonight when I saw a swastika, we turned around and left without even going to the range”.

The club member also added, “It’s extremely disturbing to see Nazis having an event at the club. I use the range to enjoy my outdoor hobbies and I dont want dangerous Nazis to be around me when I do that”. Both club members declined to give their names out of fear that they would be targeted by the neo nazis.

Through pictures obtained it is clear that neo nazis travelled from at least 5 different states for this show. Many are members of the bands that played. Some represented other Neo Nazi gangs, such as Keystone United, formerly known as Keystone State “Skinheads“. While others are a part of the growing number of American Defense Skinhead chapters across the nation. Their organizing and fundraising base is located in Pittsburgh PA. From there they direct members, organize fundraising events, plan social outings and contribute to various neo fascist organizations and gangs. 

Keystone United logo, bulldog on a black, white and red background, worn by Keystone United member Bob Gaus

Until this event, PMSC appears to have been an upstanding firearms and social club. Their calendar lists such courses as “Introduction to firearms Basics”, Bird Dog/Dog training, Hunter Trapper Education Class. Various Pistol shooting clubs meet there for both classes and sanctioned matches. They have a Skeet/Trap practice and matches. They participate in the Civilian Marksmanship Program. They have a thriving archery program for both adults and youth. Multiple law enforcement agencies use this range for practice including the North Versalles and University of Pittsburgh police departments.

While it is true that PMSC rents out their social hall to various members and non members this does not absolve them of responsibility. The club Leadership and Officers were made aware of at least one members ties to Neo-Nazi gangs and organizing. The fact that they allowed this individual to remain a member in good standing then to book the social hall in order to hold a nazi fundraising and organizational meeting implies that at least some of their board supports this type of activity. Neo-Nazis like John Smaligo leach social acceptability off of places like PCMSC. They then use the facilities to fundraise, hold political meetings and recruit unsuspecting members into their hate networks. It will be the actions of PCMSC that determine if they will continue to be complicit with neo nazi gang organizing or if they will close their doors to groups like ADS.

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