Pitt Didn’t See Shit – Communiqué from the DSSC

Communiqué received on September 23rd, 2017

In the classroom,
on the job,
in the dorms,
on the patio,
in Schenley Park…



Hey fam, it’s cool, we Didn’t See Shit.

The University of Pittsburgh is full of snitches, from the tough-guy RA who takes his job too seriously, to the bigots who knowingly out queer folks and put them at risk. We’re sick of seeing good kids get expelled, arrested, or otherwise screwed over because some holier-than-thou bootlicker decided to fuck up someone’s life; because some snitch reported a graffiti artist, or tipped off a Pitt employee about a darknet mail order, or called the cops on students for flyering and promoting events without a permit, or chose to be an asshole of an RA and actually conduct a random dorm search, or ratted out a student who stole the textbooks they couldn’t afford…

Want help dealing with a rat? Send the Didn’t See Shit Crew an email detailing the nature of the incident (no incriminating details, please!), the informant’s motive, and your desired course of action. We will work with you to figure out how to best discourage this sort of toxic behavior, support any folks who are facing legal or school repercussions, and, if necessary or requested, facilitate retaliatory dialogue.*


DidntSeeShit [at] riseup [dot] net


What we can offer:

If you reported the snitch, you call the shots. You don’t even have to name names – there’s plenty of ways to discourage snitching, and we’ll be there to offer resources and support as you work out just what you want to do. Hell, you don’t even need to participate – just tell us what you would like to see happen if you don’t want to do it yourself!

  • Snitch-shaming: Sometimes the best way to discourage toxic behavior is to draw attention to it.
  • Legal support: So someone narced, and now you or your friends are facing charges. If you haven’t been through the system before, it can be disorienting as hell. Depending on the situation, we can help find lawyers, offer insights from our own run-ins with the law, organize fundraising events, and more.
  • Unsolicited interviews: We know people who’d love to meet (or surprise) a snitch. Based on your input, interviews can be conducted in a friendly or an aggressive manner, from educational conversations oriented towards healing broken relationships to outright condemnation, from intensive Q&A’s that are recorded and publicized to *ahem* intimate conversations in dark alleyways.
  • Help design media: Don’t want to make things personal and call out a snitch, but you still want to call the bullshit as you see it? We’ll help give your marijuana legalization flyer that eye-catching makeover it deserves! We’ll help spread your “Decriminalize File Sharing!” petitions around campus! We’ll write an op-ed in solidarity with your friend that got expelled for scanning and distributing shoplifted school textbooks so that people could afford their education!
  • Probably more!


Reporting sexual harassment or assault is not snitching. If you contact us complaining about someone who “snitched” on your creepy friend for creeping, we’ll creep on you.

To the survivors of harassment and assault that don’t want to get the school or the cops involved, we’d encourage you to contact Nightshade, an anarcha-feminist crew that’s fighting the Pitt patriarchy.

The Didn’t See Shit Crew does not participate in any action. We merely pass the message along to folks that are interested in supporting people that are ready to start snitching on the snitches!

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