Morgantown Anarchists Solidarity Statement For Pitt Student Occupation

While the rivalry on the football field between WVU and Pitt is well known, on the streets we declare our comradely support.


Pitt Didn’t See Shit – Communiqué from the DSSC

In the classroom, on the job, in the dorms, on the patio, in Schenley Park… EVERYONE HATES A SNITCH

Fuck Stiegemeyer, Fuck the Patriarchy, Fuck the Peace Police

Even if Stiegemeyer has no personal malice towards trans people, his de-legitimization of gender transition is an invitation for others to engage in even harsher attacks on our experiences and our bodies. Make no mistake: we trans people are in a war for survival whether we like it or not. We are dying by the hundreds and thousands.

Arrival Survival

The University of Pittsburgh’s student orientation guide: Very Dank Edition Disorientation: The Task Ahead of Us Welcome to Pitt! From the prison of high school, it looked cool and inviting, full of new freedoms and the chance to learn something real for the first time. But soon enough, you’ll watch the excitement fade. The task…