PITTSBURGH: Spray Paint at the Home of Climate Profiteer Murry Gerber

Anonymous submission received 01.14.22

While millionaires in the fossil fuel industry will self-describe as pioneers of clean energy, there are environmental activists who will paint more accurate labels at their residences. This week “Climate Criminal” was spray painted with an arrow pointed to the entrance of Murry Gerber’s mansion: 75 Woodland Rd. Pittsburgh, Pa.

Murry Gerber’s estimated net worth is at least 470 million dollars as of Dec 2021. He is an active board member of BlackRock and has been since 2000. He is also a director at Halliburton: top profiteer of the war in Afghanistan. BlackRock fails to acknowledge the conflict of interests of their climate change commitments with having Gerber as their Lead Independent Director(LID). Gerber is still heavily invested in the fossil fuels industry; he overlaps three active directorships with BlackRock, Halliburton, and U.S. Steel.

Murry Gerber was a former CEO of Coral Energy (an affiliate of Royal Dutch Shell) for three years (1995-98); and he was also the former chairman, CEO, and president of EQT for over 20 years. The Shell cracker plant, located on the Ohio river in Monaca, Pa, is projected to produce 1.6 million metric tons of plastic pellets annually starting this year. EQT is responsible for the 303 miles of the Mountain Valley Pipeline and is the largest natural gas producer in the Appalachian Basin. The fracking boom that poisons Appalachia and its inhabitants added millions to Murry Gerber’s pockets.

The consequences of climate change continues to incur at the expense of those who do not inhabit gated mansions. It is up to environmental activists to call out these climate criminals at their own residences. This man is a criminal, and those who work to protect the environment will continue to label these big oil profiteers as the crooks they are.

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