Unwelcome Visitors: Boneheads Come to Pittsburgh for a Meeting || IDAVOX

This report was originally published by Idavox on 11.11.21

Nov. 5, 2021, Pittsburgh, PA. Graham Jones Whitson dines with out-of-town Patriot Front members at the Pittsburgh Hofbrauhaus.

We are assuming since Philly didn’t go as planned during the Fourth of July weekend, Patriot Front and a few friends tried to get together on the other side of Pennsylvania this time!

On Friday Nov. 5th a few locals with a good eye spotted a known member of the Patriot Front organization, Graham Jones Whitson, having dinner with about 20 people at the Hofbrauhaus in the southside of Pittsburgh. Locals noticed clothing with Nazi insignia and Tshirts sporting the racist music genre know as R.A.C. being worn by those dining with Mr. Whitson. When Hofbrauhaus staff were alerted to the situation, they chose to ignore it.

In mid September this Hofbrauhaus location made the news when General Manager Vincent Quinzio threw a temper tantrum while hurling racial slurs at musicians and staff of “The Barrel and Flow” festival that was being held next door. This festival is focused on Black made beer and Black brewers and is one of the very few in our entire country. The company suspended GM Quinzio but one month later reinstated him back to his original position. The Hofbrauhaus’s chain originated in Munich Germany, and boasts multiple locations in the United States. Considering that Nazi insignia is banned in Germany it is interesting that they allow patrons to proudly wear them at the Pittsburgh location. 

On Saturday Nov. 6th, members of Patriot Front attended an event held by the NJP at the Boyce Park Four Seasons Activity Center. Instead of meeting inside of the city of Pittsburgh it looks like they settled for a suburb a half hour outside of town. This event was booked, through the state park, as a “wedding”. Concerned citizens out for a walk spotted suspicious activity and photographed various fascists outside of the conference center. The photographs include Patriot Front leader, Thomas Ryan Rousseau, outside of the building wearing his signature stupid hat.

Nov. 6, 2021, Plum, PA. Fascists dressed to impress at their “wedding” at Boyce State Park.
Nov. 6, 2021, Plum, PA. Patriot Front members outside of their event at Boyce State Park.

The National Justice Party (NJP) and the Patriot Front are trying desperately to appear as respectable social movements who are open and above ground. Yet they still meet in secret and make violent threats on social media and internet forums. Their literature and ideology illustrates the same old tired racist garbage people like them have been spewing for centuries. Every one of their talking points and beliefs is easily disproved and debunked. They are gaining ground with white reactionary people who are left out in the cold by government corruption and its broken system. Make no mistake about it, these are just the current generation of egomaniacs who are looking to use fascist racism for personal gain. NJP podcasts are well funded by regular listeners duped by the message. Make no mistake, the message is fascism.

Several cars from the Boyce Park event were followed back to a Pittsburgh hotel on Saturday. On Sunday, Pittsburgh area S.H.A.R.P.’s confirmed this lodging information and stated the PF members confronted in the parking lot refused to engage even though they had larger numbers, choosing instead to hide in their car frantically making phone calls.

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