7 ATMs Sabotaged in Pittsburgh, PA

The following communiqué was submitted anonymously to Filler on 03.05.20.

Last night, we sabotaged 7 ATMs in Pittsburgh, PA by jamming adhesive-soaked plastic rectangles into their card slots. It was quick, easy, fun, and no one even gave us a second glance—you should try it sometime.

Whether it’s because of the cold, a health precaution, or for criminal direct action… one day we’ll all wear gloves and masks.

We’d like to dedicate a special fuck-you to PNC Bank for collaborating with EQT and the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline. No, this petty vandalism won’t put all that much of a hole in your pockets. But if you want to get rich by destroying our Earth, then we’ll get our kicks by destroying your property.

Yo Philly, we’re coming for your high-score!
– guerilla biscuits


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[photo unrelated to action]

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