Holman Prisoner Revolt Update

Comrade Michael Kimble is also being held captive by the state of alabama in holman prison, where a second uprising has taken control of general population (although there is zero proof that he has anything to do with the revolts, officer).
You can read his writing, which has been published in zines like Wildfire and covers topics ranging from queer liberation to revolutionary strategy, and find out how to support him and his organizing efforts with the Free Alabama Movement at his website “Anarchy Live.”


From his bio:
“My name is Michael Kimble and I’m a 49 yr old, black, gay anarchist serving a life sentence 4 the murder of a white, homophobic, racist bigot.

I’m being held kaptive in the alabama prison system at holman maximum security correctional facility. The prison where legalized murder (capital punishment) by the state is taking place…

Being in prison is hell and especially hard for those of us who identify themselves as gay, queer, or gender non-conformist. Prison is fascism up close in 3-D. It’s also a super-macho environment where everyone is wearing a mask 2 survive. Fear, apathy, despair, depression, and violence reign supreme. Much like society.”

Read more:

https://itsgoingdown.org/uprising-currently-underway-holman-prison-alabama/ (high quality PDF file of solidarity flyer available here)


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